Local Restaurants

Let’s help you decide where to eat in English Harbour and the surrounding areas whilst you are staying with us.  

In the winter season English Harbour is a vibrant community with visitors from all around the world, either tourists on vacation or yachties from the multitude of wonderful boats that crowd the nearby marinas. As the sun descends below the horizon the restaurants and bars come alive. The restaurants along the “strip” between Falmouth Marina and Nelson’s Dockyard offer an amazing palate of rich flavours within a plethora of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.  

Within a short walk, you will find world-class restaurants offering a variety of cuisine with a common factor being the fresh local seafood. You can either eat the local delicacies or tour the world with excellent offerings of cuisine from Italy, France, Asia, and India to name a few. From casual to more formal, from sushi to bbq when you are staying at The Moxy you can always find a good option within walking distance for a new experience every day.


Roquita can be found in Harbour Walk on Dockyard Drive in the same complex as The Moxy. This Spanish-inspired venue is a Tapas & Wine bar, focused on wine and cocktails, with an intentional yet relaxed menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Roquita offers relaxed seating but also features a standing room around the bar and the old wine barrels. The food menu has been designed for sharing, centered around tapas, but also offering fresh pastries and toasts in the morning, alongside salads and sandwiches at lunch. Guests can stay for the day or grab something to go! The wine & cocktails maintain the Rocks Group signature standard with a fun Spanish twist. The menu features breakfast from 9 am to 12 pm, and lunch (salads & sandwiches) from 12 pm to 4 pm. The tapas menu will remain available from 12 pm to 10 pm (4 pm on Mondays & Tuesdays). Visit Roquita

MAIA at South Point

Located within the hotel lobby, the MAIA lounge at South Point’s overlooks the Falmouth Harbour Marina and offers a classy, quiet spot to enjoy the view – especially as the sun sets and the yachts light up the night. As an added bonus, the lounge bartenders mix up some of the most creative cocktail concoctions in all of English Harbour. Inspired by Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, Maia at South Point offers an eclectic mix of authentic flavours with one thing in common: fresh, high-quality ingredients. Visit Maia at South Point

Indian Summer

Located next to Falmouth Marina just a few minutes walk from the Moxy, Indian Summer is a recently opened restaurant serving fine Indian cuisine. With its special blend of sumptuous Punjabi/Mughlai cuisines, talented staff, and vibrant colours, it is the perfect spot for those who enjoy excellent food, amazing views and sunsets. Visit Indian Summer

Flattie’s Flame Grill

Flattie’s Flame Grill located in the heart of English Harbour on Dockyard Drive,  brings you a new dining experience with a flair of South African and Portuguese dishes. Famous for its finger lickin’ Portuguese Peri-Peri Chicken, marinated before being flame grilled to perfection! The popular outdoor seating spot will make your heart sing as much as your taste buds, to its succulent Peri-Peri chicken. Visit Flattie’s Flame Grill
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5 Senses

Located on Dockyard Drive just before the Falmouth Marina, 5 Senses invites you to rediscover all of your hidden senses. Let the view enchant your eyes, let unique flavours thrill your taste buds as the aromas of exquisite wines fill the air. Enjoy the soothing ambiance of a restaurant with a soul and touch that makes you feel alive. 5 Senses offers light and refined lunches, a special tasting dinner menu in addition to signature vegan dishes, and an exclusive wine cellar. Visit 5 Senses

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Nestled within a lush private garden in the heart of historic English Harbour opposite Falmouth Marina, Colibri’s quaint cottage and cabana bar exude Caribbean charm. Serving the best of French and Créole cuisine, French wine and craft cocktails, Colibri is at the top of Antigua’s culinary offerings. Visit Colibri

Things To Do

A wide variety of activities are available whilst staying with us either in the vicinity of English or further afield in Antigua.
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Nelson’s Dockyard

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is a unique historic and environmental wonder, with the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only continuously working Georgian-era dockyard, brimming with history and adventure. Enjoy a tour of the Park led by knowledgeable and welcoming guides is a must. You will experience what it was like to be an officer at the Dockyard or a soldier stationed at one of the Forts. Learn More
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Visit the Dockyard Museum

The Dockyard Museum was built in 1855 as the Officer’s Quarters and now houses a collection of exhibits on the British Colonial site and also on current archaeological research. The Victorian building was restored in the 1970s and served as offices for the National Parks before opening its doors as a museum in 1997. It now houses several items belonging Admiral Lord Nelson including his famous telescope, as well as an area dedicated to the military history of English Harbour
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Rum in the Ruins

Rum in the Ruins is a weekly history and archaeology talk about Antigua, English Harbour and the Antigua Naval Dockyard and Related Archaeological Sites UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Situated at the Dow’s Hill Fortification and Interpretation Centre above Nelson’s Dockyard, you will experience a historic tour by our Heritage expert, Dr. Christopher K. Waters PhD, like none other in Antigua and Barbuda. Every week features new topics and new stories as we explore the ruins of the Dow’s Hill fortification and the surrounding landscape.  The tour comes with our own twist on the historic Planter’s Punch rum drink. Fridays, 5.00 pm at the Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre – $20USD/$50XCD per person inclusive two drinks
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Tour Clarence House

Walking through Clarence House, you will retrace the footsteps of Royal Navy Officers, Governor Generals, and Royalty as they passed along the galleries, observing Nelson’s Dockyard below.  This historic building, newly restored to its former glory, is now the interpretive jewel in the National Parks’ crown, showcasing the lives of 19th and 20th centuries military and civilian elites.  Set atop Clarence Hill, the details from the renovations are a master class in heritage preservation, while the antique furniture elides Caribbean gentility. Tours are Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am or 3pm – $20USD/$50XCD per person, maximum 6 people
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Take a stroll to Fort Berkeley

Fort Berkeley is the oldest fortification in English Harbour, dating to 1704 and was constructed by the colonial government and manned by gunners and matrosses hired by the government—not soldiers. As English Harbour became more important with the expansion of the Dockyard in the 1740s, more fortifications were constructed to protect the naval installation. Fort Berkeley was officially handed over to the Crown in 1784 after the end of the American Revolution, and the British military took the station over. The military added the gunpowder magazine in 1807. Today the fortification is accessible along a short nature trail.
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Hike the local trails

Want to get closer to history? Interested in local flora and fauna? Just like exercising in beautiful places? Nelson’s Dockyard National Park boasts many kilometers of hiking trails, taking you through some of the most scenic places in Antigua and Barbuda. The trails, maintained by volunteers from the Royal Naval Tot Club, wind around historic ruins, complex geological features, and different vibrant ecosystems. You can find out more about the various trails in the are by clicking here
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Helicopter Tours

CalvinAir Helicopters strives to offer the best in aerial tour experiences in the Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque flight taking in the gorgeous sights of Antigua, or an exhilarating adventure over to Montserrat’s active volcano, they’ve got just that.
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Hardcore Fishing

Join Captain Vincent with 20 years of experience in Antiguan waters as a boat captain, fisherman and marine contractor. He can take you to all the best spots and some secret ones ensuring you have the best fishing day to remember. Learn more